DevUp Estate Technical Partner for Your Real Estate Business

We are software developers building solutions that allow real estate professionals
to work efficiently, scale their business and build their online presence.

What We Do

Website Development

Custom design and development
Focused on your target audience
The latest technologies are used

Process Automation

Time-saving solutions
Tailored for your business
Involves real estate experts

Site and Lead
Conversion Optimization

Tested marketing practices
Trained experts involved
Client onboarding optimization

Custom Listing Portal

Complex functionality integration
Free choice of custom features
Mobile optimized solution

Custom CRM

Onsite and cloud solutions
Extended domain expertise
Implementation and integration


Move Your Real Estate Business Forward

Manage listings

You can quickly and easily post
and amend listings on the platform

Communicate and get notified in real time about potential leads

Visitors can leave messages or tour requests for agencies on any listing.

Track user activities

See exactly which listings your clients are interested in for more tailored showings

Manage agents (on demand)

You can easily monitor, track and manage all the real estate agents in your platform.

Custom reports (on demand)

Use acquired information to track your perfomance, activities and manage your business.

API creation and integration (on demand)

For added functionality and extensibility, you can successfully integrate the platform with any software application.

Learn More about our Platform and Solutions


First Meeting

We first learn more about your business and make sure we understand your goals, specifics and requirements. Answer all your questions and let you know if we are a good fit for you.


Upon analysing your project scope, we provide you with a detailed implementation plan, functionality descriptions and related timeframes


Based on the confirmed plan, we begin the development and customization.
Every 1-2 weeks we do a demo and provide a status update.


Upon project approval, the final product is uploaded production. Future support is provided to help you with the product use


Suitable for You if...

  • You own a small to medium sized real estate business with an established property and client base
  • Your in-house IT team can handle everyday tasks, but you consider automating routine business processes
  • You’ve tried using out of the box solutions before but need a custom solution for your business enhancement
  • You wish to feel secure and confident about all the technical processes within your business
  • You realise that online presence and process automation will bring you great return on investments
  • You understand that implementing innovative solutions is bound to generate move conversions and boost your business recognition

Drive Your business technically and do more than Your current capabilities allow You to

Yes, I want to make my Real Estate business stronger